Fallen Heroes - October 2019



Fallen Officers:

Left column: 
Deputy Sheriff Brian Ishmael - Learn more
Deputy Sheriff Jacob Otto Allmendinger - Learn more

Middle Column: 
Captain Albert E. Torres - Learn more
Trooper Peter R. Stephan - Learn more
Deputy Sheriff Matthew Ryan Jones - Learn more

Right Column: 
Border Patrol Agent Robert Hotten - Learn more
Detention Officer Gene Lee - Learn more

K-9 Officers lost: 
K-9 EJ
K-9 Hooch
K-9 Rocco


"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for a friend" - John 15:13

Please join us in honoring the 7 HEROES in October 2019 who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our safety.

Your courage, bravery and dedication will forever be remembered. Thank you for your service, and Thank you for making a difference!

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