'Baby boom' Photo of 6 Firefighters with newborns goes viral

'Baby boom' Photo of 6 Firefighters with newborns goes viral

A fire department in Tennessee is celebrating the addition of six newcomers to their station, after a group of firemen became dads within just nine months of each other.

The photo, titled “Baby Boom,” was posted on Oak Ridge Fire Department’s Facebook page on Thursday and has already gained lots of attention, not only because it is such an appealing picture, but because the timing of all of the births is so unusual. From March to November, six of the firefighters welcomed an addition to their families.

Andrew Murray and Gage Whitman told a local TV station, WBIR, what an adventure it’s been for everyone at the fire station.

“It’s really cool. We had our Fire Department Christmas party the other day, and there were little babies everywhere, and new parents,” Murray explained. “A lot of us are first-time parents, and so it’s been really exciting.”

But quite apart from embarking together on the demanding job of parenting, the fireman also said that he’s happy to know that his daughter will have a built-in group of friends for life.

“Knowing that they’re gonna get to grow up together,” he said fondly. “There’s only two girls and four boys, so you know there’s gonna be some trouble there.”

Murray’s daughter, Maisyn, is one of those two girls, along with his colleague Corey Griffith’s daughter, Emmalyn. The rest are all boys: Ezekiel, Waylon, Henry and Blane.

People throughout the community are celebrating the photos, and also expressing their gratitude for the difficult job of the firemen, with these little ones at home.

“Congratulations to all the families,” one person wrote. “Keep in mind these guys risk not getting to see these children each time they roll out to help other people.”

As for how they manage to take care of their babies while working such a difficult job, Whitman said it’s time that somebody opens up a day care.

“That’s been one of the jokes around town is: Somebody better start opening up a day care around here soon,” he said amusingly, they'll definitely need it.

Congratulations to these firefighters and their loved ones on the newest additions to their families this Holiday season! What a blessing! :)




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