Video - Deputy saves Texas woman from burning trailer

Video - Deputy saves Texas woman from burning trailer

This heroic Texas deputy was able to save a 63-year-old woman from the flames

Harris County Sheriff Deputy Roberto Martinez frantically ran from window to window of the Baytown trailer home that was engulfed in flames.

“Ma’am can you hear me? Where are you?” he asked at each window, flashing his flashlight and using the end of it to tap on the glass.

He eventually found the room in which Eloisa was trapped. He broke through the window with his flashlight, pushed aside a chest of drawers, stood in front of the window and helped the 63-year-old woman through the window. Coughing heavily and repeating, “I got you, mama,” he carried her — and his 30 pounds of gear — to the safety of the front yard.

“I’m just glad I was able to be there,” the deputy said at a press conference Tuesday afternoon, refusing to be called a hero. “Any one of us would have done it, and most of us probably have done it at some point in our career.”

Both Deputy Martinez and Eloisa were hospitalized after the fire for smoke inhalation, officials said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but Barrett said it is believed to be accidental, and possibly caused by a chiminea (freestanding fireplace) the family had running on their porch overnight.

Deputy Martinez said it was difficult for him, but “would do it all over again” in a heartbeat.

Thank you Deputy Martinez! We commend you for your courage and bravery. We’re happy to hear you and Eloisa are safe, and we pray for your full and speedy recovery!

You can watch the video below:




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