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Women are well-respected and integral members of the Law Enforcement community.

Here, we will explore the statistics for female police officers serving in the United States in 2018, consider how these numbers have changed over the years, and observe the benefits/advantages of having female officers serving in Law Enforcement organizations around the world.

Female Police Officer Statistics (2018):

In the United States, there were a total of 872,000 Officers serving across the country in 2018. 123,000 of those employed were women. This means that the percentage of Female Police officers serving in the United States was approximately 14%, or 1 in 7. 

Male vs Female Police Officer Statistics (2018)

Of the First-line Supervisor positions (including Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain), 1 in 10 of these positions were held by women.

How has this changed over time:

In 1987, there were approximately 27,000 full-time female police officers (making up around 5% of the total police force).

However by 2018, this number increased to approximately 123,000 (equating to around 14% of the police force).

Benefits of Female Police Officers:

Studies have shown that women in Law Enforcement are:

    • More effective at responding to violence against women
    • Less likely to show aggression and draw their weapon
    • More likely to use a community-oriented approach
    • More likely to defuse a situation without using force

Female Officers abilities often complement those of their male counterparts, and if the advantages brought by women in Law Enforcement are leveraged, this not only benefits the profession, but those they have endeavored to serve and protect!

This was proudly made in honor of all the amazing women serving in Law Enforcement. Did you find this article/infographic interesting and informative? Let us know more about your thoughts and opinions - we would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

Female Police Officers

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